3 Safety Measures to Retain Employees

Driving down the street of any industrial park, you’ll be sure to see “Now Hiring” signs in front of multiple facilities.  Similarly, online job search engines are full of opportunities.  There is no doubt it is a jobseeker’s market.  Meanwhile, colleagues and clients have continually expressed how hard it is to hire new talent.  It seems as though no one is applying for jobs, so it is essential to retain the talent you do have.

At Emergent, we believe prioritizing employee safety is an important step towards increasing employee retention and finding quality talent to fill positions in your company.  We put together just a few ways safety can help:

1. Consider comfort and ergonomics when purchasing supplies

Your workers will be spending all day using the materials and supplies you’ve purchased for them. Instead of simply looking at the cost of supplies, take comfort into consideration too. Safety glasses are a great example.  While you can find extremely affordable eyewear, sometimes the fit or protection of them isn’t up to par.  Eyewear that fits comfortably will help reduce headaches and discomfort, as well as increase productivity.

Ever-Lite® Safety Glasses

Features soft nosepiece for snug fit and semi-frame and slim co-material temple design for lightweight spectacle – weighs only 22 gm. Offers a clear panoramic view without obstruction; 8-base wraparound lens provides full front and side protection. Scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UV protection. Meets ANSI Z87.1+ High Impact standard.

Even more importantly, this small gesture will show your workers that the company cares about their comfort and well-being while on the job.

Headwear is another great example where comfort is key.  Offering an option that is breathable will help workers maintain their body temperature.  Other amenities include various brim options (front only vs. complete diameter) or including a shade screen for the neck area.  Emergent Safety can help you choose a product that will show your workers that you care about their wellbeing and comfort

MSA V-Gard® Standard Caps

MSA V-Gard® Standard Caps

Standard cap features durable, high-density polyethylene shell designed with accessory slots to accommodate add-on features. Includes Cushionaire™ sweatband and adjustable crown straps. Meets ANSI Z89.1-2003, Type 1, Class E.

2. Help your workers stay hydrated 

As your employees work hard for you in hot weather, providing hydration-promoting drinks for them keeps them safe.  Rather than just offering water, Sqwincher is a great electrolyte-rich option to show your appreciation.  At Emergent we offer Sqwincher in various formats including single-serve sticks, ready-to-drink bottles, concentrate, freeze pops, and even lite or sugar-free options.

Sqwincher Single Serve Qwik Stik® ZERO

Sqwincher Single Serve Qwik Stik® ZERO

Offers the same great taste and electrolyte content as regular Sqwincher® (low sodium and great source of potassium)—but with low calorie and no sugar. Simply tear open the convenient, single-serve pouch, add to bottled water, shake and enjoy.

Sqwincher Single Serve Qwik Stik® ZERO

Sqwincher Sqweeze® Pops

Reduce core body temperature and protect from heat stress and fatigue. Scientifically developed formulation is absorbed at a significantly faster rate than water, allowing the body to replenish electrolytes and minerals needed for proper rehydration. Mixed case of Orange, Grape, Lemon-Lime, Cherry and Mixed Berry. 3 oz. each.

We also offer a variety of cooling towels, vests, and headwear that will help employees maintain body temperature and be more comfortable on the job.

Radians Arctic Radwear® Cooling Towel

Made with Advanced ARCTIC™ Technology that accelerates the evaporative cooling process. Just soak towel in water for 2-3 minutes and then experience cooling relief for up to 5 hours. Designed to keep wearer cool during hot outdoor activities, such as construction work, tough workouts, or any strenuous outdoor or indoor activity. Reusable. Measures 26″ x 17″.

3. Encourage communication between workers and management

Finally, keeping the lines of communication open can help employees feel safe and appreciated on the job.  This communication can be facilitated using signage such as posters and banners in multiple languages. Emergent also offers floor decals and wall labels to help explain processes or provide positive messages and highlight safety instructions.

Communication needs to work both ways to be most effective. Companies should make it easy and comfortable for employees to share their safety concerns and report potential workplace safety problems as they notice them. Having signage around the workplace explaining how workers can best communicate their concerns is a great start to a safe work environment.