American Heart Month Safety Tips From Zoll

February is American Heart Month. This year, Emergent Safety wanted to share some safety tips from Zoll Medical. Please make sure your AED’s are regularly tested at least once a month. Zoll Medical provides top of the line AEDs and Defribrillators. For more information about which AED is right for your facility contact Emergent Safety at 800.877.1390.

During Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), a victim’s chance of survival increases by 50% when bystanders intervene immediately with high-quality CPR and an AED.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest occurs when the heart’s electrical system malfunctions.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest claims a life every 2 minutes.

 The worldwide survival rate from Sudden Cardiac Arrest is less than 1%.

According to the 2015 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines the correct depth of CPR compressions are 2″ to 2.4″.

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) analyzes Electrical Activity.

The AHA-recommended number of CPR compressions per minute is between 100 and 120.

After Sudden Cardiac Arrest, a victim’s chance of survival decreases by 10% with each passing minute without CPR and defibrillation.