April Is National Welding Month

National Welding Month celebrates the welding industry and their contribution to the advancements of the trade. “Since 1996, the American Welding Society has designated the month of April as National Welding Month to bring awareness to the welding industry and its available career paths” This month we thank all welders for all of their hard work and contributions to our infrastructure, automobiles, ships, pipelines and so much more.  

There is no better time to start a career in welding. According to Tulsa Welding School, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to see a 3% growth between 2019 and 2029 for the employment of welders. This could translate into the addition of 13,600 jobs within the next 10 years” As the opportunities grow for welders in the coming years, Emergent Safety is committed to keep welders safe. Emergent Safety Supply offers a wide variety of Welding Products and Flame-Resistant Clothing for every welding application. For more information about products for your application, contact Emergent Safety Supply at 630-406-9666.