Are Your Safety Glasses Protecting You?

What Safety Glasses Are Best For Your Job?

Safety glasses prevent eye injury and should be worn at all times, when working ANYWHERE that debris is present. Prices for safety glasses range from $1 to $15+ a pair.  Since they are often lost or accidentally taken home by employees, plant managers and procurement personnel may tend to lean towards the cheaper options.  However, are employees comfortable in the lower cost safety glasses? Are the inexpensive safety glasses holding up to the specific work conditions? 

Additional Features

A higher end safety glass has additional features that provide for extra comfort and even visibility.  For example, higher end glasses usually have reinforced rubber temples and nosepieces. Anti-Fog technology is another example of additional features that may increase the price of safety glasses. 

Safety Hazards

We have found that because of glasses fogging up, or discomfort from extended wear, employees will want to take off safety glasses that don’t have the higher cost features, causing a safety hazard. 

How We Help

At Emergent we are conscious of both the budget and the impending safety hazards, so we work with our clients to provide a comprehensive solution.  For instance, we’ll help you develop a system to lessen the loss of safety glasses. Our Safety Specialists have previously implemented Vendor Management Inventory programs to make sure employees are taking care of their safety glasses and using them to their full potential.