Emergent Safety’s Coronavirus Procedures

Emergent Safety’s Procedures and Processes to Help Contain Conoravirus

  1. Emergent Safety has always encouraged our customers to have a secondary backup product approved for all primary products.  This is especially important now that the industry is experiencing supply chain disruptions.  When a secondary product has been approved it allows Emergent to act quickly in securing alternative products.
  2. Emergent Safety’s staff members are crossed trained on all functions. This allows increased flexibility in moving staff members around in emergency situations.
  3. Require sick employees to stay home.
  4. Emphasize hand hygiene by all employees.
  5. Increase environment cleaning that are frequently touched including workstations, knobs, and countertops.
  6. All employees have remote access to carry on work from home with warehouse functions being shared by all.
  7. Continue to educate and discuss evolving virus trends and supply chain challenges.
  8. Research alternative sources for affected products.
  9. Encourage a sense of urgency through calm and deliberate action.