Creating A Safe Workplace: Active Stretching Routines

At Emergent Safety keeping our customers safe is our number 1 priority so we are excited to bring you this 4 part blog serious, “Creating A Safe Workplace.”

Have you ever thought about adding a pre-shift stretching routine to your work day? Stretching has a variety of major benefits including helping your employees stay focused, stay safe and help eliminate workplace injuries. 

Increase Engagement

An everyday stretching routine, which can be performed before or mid work shift, can increase employee productivity. A company-wide stretching routine can also improve teamwork and bonding in the workplace.


Stretching improves the safety of workers because it loosens employees’ muscles before a long manual labor shift. Stretching also increases blood flow and increases the elasticity of tissues. Stretching also is proven to reduce fatigue, improve muscle coordination and improve posture. 

Decrease Injury

A worker that stretches before work is less likely to have muscle or joint injuries, and can reduce workman’s comp claims. Stretching exercises reduce injury to the back, joints and tendons.

If you are interested in starting a workplace stretching routine for your workplace, our Emergent Safety Specialists can help. Call us at 800-877-1390 or contact your Emergent Safety Specialist. More than product, we provide solutions.