Creating A Safe Workplace: Rescue/Incident Plan

Make sure your workplace has an rescue/incident plan. When building an rescue/incident plan, the first step it to identify the possible hazards that could occur and make sure you have a plan of action if that incident were to occur. Make sure you have a competent person on site, who is capable of identifying hazards around the workplace. For instance, a worker that is wearing a harness, is not completely safe, until they are back on solid ground. Suspension trauma can occur within 30 minutes of the initial fall, and can be fatal if a rescue/incident plan is not put into effect. 

Make sure you also have a trained first responder with a adequet supplies. The trained first responder, will be the first one to be notified of an incident. The First Responder should have basic first aid knowlege, be CPR certified, and are able to locate First Aid Kits/AEDs in the facility.

When working with oil, chemicals, and other hazardous liquids make sure you know where your spill kit is located, and that there is a competant person available to utilize it in case of an incident. Make sure to be able to locate your nearest eyewash station, in case of an incident. 

For more information on how to build a rescue/incident plan for your company contact your Emergent Safety Specialist or call Emergent Safety at 800.877.1390