Customer Success Stories

Our customers safety on the job is our number 1 priority. At Emergent Safety, we provide safety solutions. Examples below prove our commitment to providing unique customer solution with collaborative innovation.

The Un-Washable FR Shirt

A client loved our fire-retardant shirts, but hated the way their process oil left just enough stain to leave the shirts looking dirty. Our first step was to test the shirts with three different laundries. No luck there, as the hi-viz color was too light to hide stains. The solution? We asked the supplier for a two-tone shirt, with a darker color over the waist and arms, where stains were most likely. Our customer was delighted to keep the same comfortable FR shirts, without the unkempt look.

Custom Go-Bags

A large utility client never seemed to have the right first aid/fire aid products, or the products needed were in disorder. Multiple vendors were asked for help, and each proposed one of their standard offerings. Emergent listened and proposed a new solution…a set of five custom go-bags, each prepared with products for different emergencies, so that the client responder could quickly grab the bag with the appropriate first aid or fire aid products needed by their employee.

Stub Hazard Solved

When a concrete slab is laid with electrical conduit embedded in the pour, the protruding conduit “stubs” become a work hazard, causing trip-and-fall injuries. Even without an injury, damage to the stub can require repair of the concrete, the conduit or both. Emergent partnered with an inventory to bring to market Stub-EASE, a true innovation which is helping our electrical contractor clients to avoid many needless injuries, and many thousands of dollars in damage or delay.

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