Emergent Safety’s Organizational Fabric

Emergent Safety’s foundation is built on Organizational Culture and Supply Chain Integration. Our CEO, Dr. Mary Porter received her PhD in Organizational Design and Leadership, Supply Chain Integration in 2014, and continues to build on these ideas in the Emergent Safety Supply structure.

Visit the link below to view Dr. Porter’s published article, “Supply Chain Integration: Does Organizational Culture Matter?” from OSCM, Volume 12, Vol. 1, 2019.

Highlighted Points:

Journal pg. 49 (PDF pg. 1)

“Leaders supporting a culture orientation viewed the supply chain as a whole rather than a set of fragmented parts.” – Mary G. Porter

Journal Pg. 50 (PDF pg. 2)

“It is argued that the flow of information and knowledge sharing among trading partners is embedded in the firm’s relational competency, including culture, policies, systems, and individual employees.” – Mary G. Porter

“To accomplish transparent communication, firms had to move from adversarial relationships to collaborative ones.” – Mary G. Porter

“Participation, communication, and trust are key relational competencies that influence supply chain cooperation and performance.” – Mary G. Porter

“Relationship capabilities that build trust and confidence between trading partner interactions are a by-product of organizational culture.” – Mary G. Porter

Journal Pg. 51 (PDF pg. 3)

“Customer integration depended on the intimacy of relationships and information shared between the focal firm and the end customer.” – Mary G. Porter