September is Food Safety Month

Last year, the supply chain among various food producers was threatened by COVID-19. Workers at large production facilities and co-packers fell sick to the virus and left gaps in the production line. This threat to their employee’s health, and the efficiency of their production, was in addition to the normal threat of spreading food-borne illnesses that food production companies encounter day-to-day. It has never been more evident that good personal hygiene is essential for food safety AND the overall health of a facility. At Emergent Safety, we’re here to help keep your facility running and healthy, whether that be with janitorial supplies, food-grade gloves & aprons, or signage.

First, a clean facility is absolutely necessary to prevent illness. Correctly using cleaners and sanitizers around food and food prep areas will also help you avoid food-borne illnesses and keep your workers healthy. Establishing a cleaning routine, not only for your entire facility but also for each worker’s area, is absolutely essential. Emergent Safety offers a wide variety of janitorial products such as spray bottles, concentrates, wipes, hand sanitizer, and so much more.

FLEX® Wipes Disinfectant Wipes

Use FLEX® Wipes Disinfectant Wipes as a disinfectant on hard non-porous surfaces in dental offices, hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, daycare centers, cafeterias, colleges, correctional facilities, exercise facilities, health clubs, institutional facilities, locker rooms, prisons, public facilities, public restrooms, schools, shower and bath areas, sick rooms, and ships.

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Part# HOS 20075

Tizer Sanitizing Alcohol Wet Wipes

Tizer multi-purpose sanitizer wipes pre-moistened with 75% denatured ethyl alcohol to be used for all business and personal sanitizing needs.  These wipes are safe and effective for killing germs on most hard surfaces and hands.  The wipe solution is made in the USA with an 75% alcohol + moisturizer formula that follows CDC, FDA & WHO recommendations for hand sanitizer.

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Part# PNR FYWP50700

GymWipes Antibacterial XL Wipes

Use GymWipes Antibacterial to clean, deodorize, and kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi on all surfaces and equipment. They can be used on anything in your facility, including electronics and touchscreens.

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Part Number: HOS 10800N

CoreTex Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer and Waterless Hand Cleaner

Antibacterial, waterless hand cleaner helps promote good dermal hygiene in the workplace. Effectively kills 99.99% of germs including methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and H1N1. Contains 62% FDA-approved ethyl alcohol (CDC recommended), vitamin A and E to start the skin repair process and aloe vera leaf extract to replace skin moisture that alcohol removes. Dries in 10 seconds and leaves no sticky residue. Made in USA.

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Part Number: CTX 23668

Food-grade gloves, aprons, masks, hairnets, and more are also essential to operating a safe and healthy facility. Not only should food workers properly wash their hands before working with food or equipment and utensils, but gloves should also be used and replaced often. Most establishments should instruct staff to replace gloves every four hours at minimum, or after a worker has touched anything that might contaminate themselves. The use of disposable aprons, masks, and hairnets also help limit the spread of illnesses. Here are a few of Emergent’s top sellers for the food industry:

Disposable 3-Ply Earloop Mask

Disposable 3-ply earloop mask. Not approved for medical use. Effective blocking for pollen, dust, smog and droplet. Not meant to replace any type of respirator. 50/Pack.

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Keystone Safety Bouffant Caps

Made of lightweight, breathable polypropylene. Provides economical protection from dry particulates, dirt and grime. Latex-free. 1,000/Case.

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Part Numbers: KEY 110NWI-10-24-OBG (Orange), KEY 110NWI-10-24-BBG (Blue), KEY 110NWI-10-24-YBG (Yellow), KEY110NWI-10-24-RBG (Red) , KEY 110NWI-10-24-WHT (White)

Safety Zone Disposable Apron

Polyethylene Aprons from The Safety Zone  are most commonly found in food service and food processing industries but can be used in many other applications as well

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Part Number: SFZ DAP1.25-28X46BL

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves, 4mil

Nitrile gloves are powder free, ambidextrous and non sterile. Powder free nitrile gloves are non-sterile and contain no natural rubber latex. 4-Mil Thickness. 100/Box, 10 Box/Case

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Part Number: ESS PCD



Communication via signage is a great way to remind workers of good hygiene practices. We carry options for food production facility signage and have a wide variety of COVID-specific signage options including floor markers to help maintain social distancing.
We understand the additional stresses being placed on food production facilities since the uprise of COVID-19, and we want to help keep your production running efficiently. Contact us today to arrange for a Safety Specialist to perform an on-site audit that will provide new, innovative ways to keep your facility healthy and operational!