How Can You Prevent Falls On Your Job-site?

Are your harnesses being properly inspected every time you are using them? Harnesses should be inspected before each use and inspected at least once every 6-12 months by a competent person.  Please carefully read your manufacturer guidelines, to make sure your harnesses are inspected correctly. Do you need help knowing if your harnesses and fall protection are compliant?  Call your Emergent Safety Specialist for an inspection of your job-site.

When working at height, it is imperative that you are using a proper anchor point that is able to carry 5,000 lbs, per person attached. Without a proper anchor point, you are putting your workers at risk.

Are your working-walking surfaces clear of trip and fall hazards? Did you know slips, trips, and falls are the number one recorded fatality on the job-site? Make sure your site is free of trip hazards, such as electrical cords, debris, wood, etc. By providing a clean, trip-free job-site, you are helping your workers get home safe.

When it comes to protecting your workers from trip and fall hazards, Emergent is here to help. Here are some of our top selling products to keep you safe from falls, on the job-site.

Stub-EASE: Conduit Stub-Up Eliminator

Conduit “stub-ups” have been traditionally accepted in the concrete construction industry as a necessary evil. Until now, methods of protection and awareness have ranged from spraying the “stub-up” safety orange and taping a flag to them, to setting concrete blocks over the top of the “stub-up”. All the while, the hazards for trips, falls, and expensive damage (or potential loss) of the raceway were only being highlighted or hidden. The concept is to maintain a coupling within the slab or below the grade of concrete to keep future extensions of the conduit from projecting beyond the top of concrete. The plastic sleeve, or pocket former Stub-EASE is attached to the embedded conduit via a threaded coupling, be it set screw or compression connection. This can be accomplished with a 90° bend on the conduit or using a threaded short radius 90° elbow, depending on the depth of the concrete slab. After the concrete pour, the HDPE (high-density polyethylene) sleeve and support is cut down to the top of concrete elevation and left in the slab until the future raceway is ready to be safely extended into a wall cavity. Then, the electrician can use their pliers to unscrew the sleeve, using the plastic partition wall in the middle of the sleeve, to expose the embedded threaded coupling.

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3M™ DBI-SALA® ExoFit NEX™ Vest Style Harnesses

The full-body harness provides comfort and function with soft, yet extremely durable, anti-absorbent webbing, strategically placed padding and protective elements that prolong the service life of the harness. Chest platform places labels and i-Safe™ RFID tag behind a Velcro® cover to protect labels and provide easy access. Covered pocket with elastic sides is conveniently placed in the front of the chest strap to hold workplace or personal items such as a cellular phone. Includes reflective material that increases worker safety in low-visibility environments, stand-up, aluminum dorsal D-ring, integrated suspension trauma straps for post-fall-arrest comfort, impact indicator stitches and breakaway lanyard keepers. Front and shoulder D-rings optional. Capacity: 420 lbs. Meets all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI Z359.11 standard.

3M™ DBI-SALA® Nano-Lok™ Self-Retracting Lifelines

Ergonomically designed for ease-of-use and ideal for direct connection to most harnesses. Lightweight, stays out of the way and can easily be used as a lanyard replacement. Locks quickly, stopping a fall within inches and providing more protection at low heights. Tension is always kept on the lifeline, which reduces dragging, snagging and trip falls. Features impact-resistant housing, automatic, quick-activating arrestor, impact indicator, 3,600-lb. rated gate openings on carabiners and hooks, and 6′ or 9′ retractable lifeline. i-Safe™ enabled. Capacity: 420 lbs. Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards.

3M™ DBI-SALA® Tie-Off Adapters

Pass-through design for quick and easy attachment to anchorage. Standard adapter has 1 3/4″ polyester strap with 5,000-lb. minimum tensile strength. Features 3” wide wear pad and coated steel hardware for added abrasion resistance and durability. Kevlar® tie-off adapter is ideal for welding or high-heat environments with zinc-plated steel hardware. i-Safe™ enabled with RFID technology. Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI standards, including ANSI Z359.1.

Journeyman FLEX Aluminum Harness

Tighter web construction offers added strength and longer life while maintaining pliability for ease of movement. Lightweight electro-plated aluminum D-rings, torso and belt adjusters to reduce weight and fatigue throughout the day. Strategically positioned Hip D-rings for optimized Work Positioning. Re-engineered padding on the shoulders, waist and legs for added all day comfort. Ergonomic waist pad with integrated reinforcement elements provides rigid support. ANSI Z359.11 compliant lanyard parking elements capture lanyard legs when not in use to reduce trip hazards. Extreme duty removable work belt designed to remain in position supporting up to three loaded tool bags. Visi-Lock Quick Connect buckles on the chest and legs feature a visual indicator that displays green when properly fastened. Integrated dorsal strap keepers minimize downward sliding of the dorsal D-ring when SRD’s are attached. FallTech exclusive CamLock torso adjusters allows simple, quick one-handed adjustment. Features back D-ring; Quick Connect legs and chest; aluminum components; premium padded shoulder yoke and legs.