National Safety Month 2022: Injury Prevention

It is week 3 of National Safety Month which focuses on injury prevention.  If you’ve read our past blogs or worked with us, you know that Emergent Safety always focuses on elimination first, in order to prevent injury!

Even one workplace injury can have a big impact on your business. In 2020 alone, there were over 4 million workplace injuries requiring medical attention. 

Having a plan for workplace safety is the best place to start preventing injuries in the workplace. This plan should include recognizing obvious safety hazards in the workplace, and developing solutions to keep workers safe. Encourage workers to report safety hazards they notice as soon as they notice them.

Keeping your staff and management educated on best safety practices for your industry will also help prevent workplace injuries. Train your workers in best practices for a safe work environment and stress the reasons why a safe working environment is in everyone’s best interest.  

Create an organized and orderly workplace to help prevent injuries. By training workers to put away supplies where they belong, and not allowing tools and equipment to lie around in workspaces, many injuries can be prevented. 

Another important factor in preventing workplace injury is providing personal protective equipment to your workers. Emphasizing the importance of using personal protective gear and training workers in using personal protective gear properly can help keep your employees safe in the workplace. At Emergent Safety we are here to not only supply your personal protective equipment but to show your team how to properly use PPE.

Preventing injuries on the job will help ensure a better morale and higher productivity in your workplace. 


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