National Safety Month: Building a Safety Culture

A safety culture is a broad, organizational-wide approach to safety management based on values, attitudes, goals and proficiency. It takes a village to establish good practices and keep others safe. Follow these steps to establish a safety culture within your own organization today:

  • Make Safety a Priority
      • Safety is a challenge for every organization. From the top-down, every person can participate in making a difference and practicing safe behaviors while looking out for coworkers and customers if it is implemented at the core of the organization.
  • Communication
      • A safety culture is implemented through all levels of an organization. By holding frequent meetings, sending emails and enforcing open, honest communication throughout the workplace, you can begin to build a strong safety culture from within. 
      • Signage is also a great way to communicate to employees.  Check out a variety of signs we have readily available or contact us to create your own custom signage.
  • Training
      • Providing continuous training for all employees allows everyone to be on the same page in terms of expectations, health and safety. Studies show that trained employees embrace safety culture because they are aware of hazards and the effect they have on maintaining workplace safety. 
      • At Emergent Safety Supply all of our Safety Specialists undergo rigorous training before entering the field.
  • Enforce Accountability
      • Educate your workers on the importance of the health and safety of themselves and others throughout the workplace. Reporting injuries and accidents and establishing rules will help the whole team stay on track. 
  • Celebrate Successes
      • Once workers within an organization understand the importance of safety in the workplace, share success stories and motivate others to do their part too. As an organization, culture is all about bringing people together and can completely transform your company from the inside and out.
      • Sharing success stories on social media and in email communications can also boost morale!