Emergent Safety is Always a PROUD Women-Owned Business

With a Ph.D. in organizational leadership and over 30 years of executive management, Emergent Safety’s CEO, Mary Porter purchased Emergent Safety Supply, then known as Safety Supply Illinois, in 2011. When presented the opportunity to purchase a small safety distributor, Mary reflected back to her long and happy marriage to her husband, Dick, a masonry contractor. Every morning she would wish Dick a safe day, hoping that his crew would “prepare and prevent, not repair and repent.”

Mary knew that her personal passion would provide the foundation to build a culture powered by people who believe in the importance of safety. Emergent Safety’s motto quickly became “Whose life are we going to help save today?” This motto made it clear that culture would value attitude over experience. We are not just sending emails or stocking inventory today; we are saving lives today.

Since 2012, Emergent Safety has continuously been a certified women-owned business, with a WBENC certification. This October, WBENC celebrates National Women’s Small Business Month to boost support for women-owned businesses. Emergent Safety joins in the celebration by promoting the purchase of products and services by women-owned businesses across the country.

A Note From Our Friends at WBENC

There are 13 million women-owned businesses in the U.S., representing 42% of all businesses. Yet there is still a significant disparity between these business and others. Women-owned businesses only represent 8% of the total workforce and 4.3% of total business revenues. The COVID-19 pandemic has only widened the gap, with women-owned businesses, particularly those owned by women of color, among the hardest hit.

Women-owned business need our support – now more than ever. Closing the revenue and employment gap by supporting and revitalizing women-owned businesses will not only help to fuel our economic recovery, but it will empower women as leaders and bring about a more diverse, balanced and sustainable economy.

It’s time to raise our voices and open our wallets to support women-owned businesses.

Let’s create a movement to #BuyWomenOwned.”