OSHA’s Fatal Four

Emergent Safety is committed to helping our customers stay safe on the jobsite. According to OSHA “Fatal Four” of construction fatalities, are the following:

Falls – 381 out of 971 total deaths in construction in CY 2017 (39.2%)

Falls are the number one leading cause of death on construction sites. Proper fall protection is required when working at height. Make sure your harnesses are properly inspected and an active rescue plan is set in place. Falls can also be prevented by making sure your working walking surfaces are clear and free of protrusions. 

Struck by Object – 80 (8.2%)

Being struck by an object is also easily prevented. Make sure to wear proper PPE on the jobsite, and a properly inspected hard hat to prevent damage to the head. Hard hats should be replaced every five years according to most manufacturers, and suspension should be replaced every 1-2 years. Hard hats should also be replaced when they start to fade, or have been subjected to damage.

Being struck by an object is also easily preventable by tethering your tools, when working at heights. Emergent offers many tool tethering and bucket hoists to keep your workers safe on the job.

Electrocutions – 71 (7.3%)

Electrocutions can be prevented by being aware of your surroundings. When working on power lines, be aware of the live wires. Electrical Glove testing is also imperative. Electrical gloves should be tested every 6 months. 

Caught-in/between* – 50 (5.1%)

Caught-in/between hazards can occur when working in trenches and working around or operating machinery. When working in trenches, it is important that your trenches are properly guarded, and that there is a competent person there to rescue if needed.

When working around Machinery, wearing breakaway clothing can help prevent getting your getting caught in.