National Safety Month 2022: Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries

Last week Emergent Safety kicked off National Safety Month, which we participate in every June.  The first week’s topic was musculoskeletal disorders.  Every year injuries in the cost billions of dollars in workman’s comp and lost productivity, in addition to the pain and permanent damage they can cause employees.

These injuries and disorders are broken into three basic categories: 

• Muscle Injury
• Tendon Injury
Nerve Injury

The musculoskeletal disorders include disorders such as Carpel Tunnel, back pain, and arthritis, caused by or made worse by workplace tasks. 

At Emergent Safety we are always working with customers to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. 

As in any injury prevention, Emergent Safety believes the best way to prevent musculoskeletal injuries to eliminate the cause of them.  While there are many jobs that include lifting, bending, and other physical movements, utilizing ergonomics in the workplace environment can ease the stress on worker’s bodies. Ergonomics involves fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capability of the workers to help lessen muscle fatigue, increase productivity and reduce musculoskeletal disorders. 

Implementing better ergonomics can include using adjustable workstation tools, such as benches that can be raised or lowered based on the worker to avoid strain and improper posture.  Mechanical assistive devices can also be incorporated during lifting and carrying tasks, to ease the burden on workers. Personal protective gear like wrist braces can also help ease the strain on workers’ bodies. 

Another practice Emergent Safety always believes in and utilizes is training.  Training can help prevent musculoskeletal injuries by teaching workers the proper ergonomic process to prevent injury. This can include teaching workers the proper way to lift heavy loads, and other safety practices. 

Allowing adequate breaks and rotating workers to different tasks so they are not performing the same task for long periods of time can also help prevent such disorders from forming or worsening.

Throughout the remainder of the month, Emergent Safety will continue to participate in National Safety Month.  By incorporating even the smallest changes into a workplace companies can see the benefits of big results! To learn more about how to incorporate better ergonomics in your workplace environment, please contact one of our safety specialists!

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