Tips To Stay Cool This Summer!

When working in the heat is important to recognize heat stress and take proper precautions to avoid it. OSHA encourages 1 cup of water every 20 minutes when working in the heat and recommends that employers provide electrolyte beverages for jobs lasting longer than 2 hours. Employees are encouraged to take their scheduled breaks and find shade to replenish their bodies from the heat.

Emergent Safety partners with Safeopedia to keep our customers up to date on what is new in the safety industry. The free webinars below are focused on Heat Stress, Dehydration and to help you keep cool in the Summer Months.

The hidden dangers of dehydration:

  • Most people start their day already dehydrated.
  • If water isn’t replaced when sweating, the body will find fluids from key organs
  • Mental performance decreases when the body is dehydrated
  • Being 3-4% dehydrated can lower your work performance by approximately 25-50%

Join Emergent Safety, Ergodyne, and Safeopedia as we examine the common challenges construction job sites encounter with dropped objects (tool tethering) and heat stress prevention programs.