Workers Memorial Day 2022

This week, Emergent Safety Supply will join businesses across the nation honoring Workers’ Memorial Day. On April 28 we will remember those workers who were killed or injured on the job in the United States and around the world. The labor movement chose April 28 for the Workers’ Memorial Day date as it’s the anniversary of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. This act promises every worker the right to a safe working environment and ties hand in hand with the Emergent Safety motto, “Whose life are we going to save today?”

In 2007 alone, approximately 53,445 workers died of work-related injuries and illnesses. Work-related deaths rose 2% in 2018.  From taking manufacturer-related training courses to inventing new, innovative products like Stub-EASE, Emergent Safety Supply is working to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on job sites across the United States.  Each and every one of our sales staff, also known as Safety Specialists, are required to take tens of hours of training and attend multiple educational workshops before they meet with any customer.  We value knowledge and the role it plays in safety.

Worker deaths, injuries and illnesses affect us all. These issues don’t just disrupt the lives of workers and their families. The long-term social and economic impacts from worker safety shortfalls affect all of society.  With such shortages in the labor force, it is imperative to provide safe working conditions for those that keep our country running.  

Emergent Safety Supply is dedicated to helping companies keep their workers safe.  Please contact a Safety Specialist to see how we can eliminate and help prevent injuries at your facilities.