Workers Memorial Day

At Emergent Safety Supply, we start every day asking the same question, “Whose life are we going to help save today?” This question is engraved in our culture; we work hard to keep our customers safe and prevent injury on the job. On April 28th we honor the lives of workers that have been taken from them by celebrating Workers Memorial Day.

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations states, “In the 50th year of OSHA this April 28, we focus on the need to renew the promise of safe jobs for all of America’s workers. We must continue to fight and push forward to ensure safe jobs for all workers through strong unions and strong laws.”

Emergent Safety joins the cause by continually engaging in training and working hard to eliminate safety hazards from our customers workplaces.  We’re always available for facility walkthroughs and safety audits where we can propose innovative solutions for your organizations.   For more information about our products, and our value-added services, please call Emergent Safety today.